Niche Ideas From The News Media

At the Dr Nitch niche marketing center we use the popular news websites as a key part of our ongoing search for new niche ideas. #SESSION.FIRSTNAME#, this article describes how you can go about finding new niche ideas using these sources.

The traditional media is a rich source of niche ideas and we use the information published regularly as part of our Dr Nitch niche ratings and analysis database. Beyond the politics, sport and celebrity items there are often niche ideas lurking if you know where and how to look for them.

News Headlines

A great way to generate current niche marketing ideas is to take a good look at the headlines within popular news media and websites, pick up a newspaper or visit a news website.

What are the headlines?

Based on what you see what sorts of niche ideas does this lead to?

To look for this information why not try a few of our favorite resources such as:

Readers Digest

Google News

USA Today




To give you an idea of the volume of niche ideas that can be found in a single day from these sources I spent half an hour looking at just the home pages of the sites listed and sourced no less than eighteen really good niche market ideas. Ideas such as:

  • avoiding travel blunders

  • food gleaning

  • connecting with neighbors

  • home styling with technology

  • yoga equipment

  • home cleaning problems solved

  • divorcing debt

If you’re looking for new niche ideas then I recommend you use the popular news media as one of the first areas on your list of regular niche idea sources to monitor.

#SESSION.FIRSTNAME#, you can read other Articles like this elsewhere in the members area. Or, you can find a stack of different niche finding ideas and resources in the latest edition of the Dr Nitch Niche Marketing Guide – “Finding Your Niche – 11 Options For Your Niche Success”. This guide shares the most useful resources and ideas on finding niche market ideas that the Dr Nitch Niche Marketing Center has identified.

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