Niche Ideas From Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites allow people to rate sites, articles, images, videos or in fact anything that has a url. Users can then label or ‘tag’ what the information is about according to their own perspective.

The social bookmarks that then appear at the top of the tree are those that lots of like minded people have liked and ‘tagged’ in the same way.

Social Bookmarking sites should play an important part in your social media niche research process as they allow you to tap into the thoughts and beliefs, interests and questions of real people.

The niche ideas found on Social Bookmarking Sites can throw up some unusual and different subjects but as they’re based on what real people are finding interesting they can also be some of the best to take forward.

Here’s the two top bookmark resource sites that you should visit for new niche ideas.

Niche Ideas From Digg

Go to Digg and take a regular look at the stories being featured on the home page.


Digg’s home page will show you at a glance the most popular stories and bookmarks across all subjects that day. You can also alter the settings so that you see the top stories as well as the most popular.

Digg also lets you search for different terms so you can see what is being said in that particular niche.

Niche Ideas From Delicious

Like Digg go to the Delicious home page and take a look round on a regular basis. You’ll need to sign in the first time you visit to get the best ideas but you can simply use your Facebook or Twitter Account to gain access to start finding niche ideas.


Delicious provides the niche researcher with a useful home page which is absolutely packed with stories, pages and other web resources that are the most popular across a huge range of markets.

So just browse around the home page and see what niche ideas are shown.

When I last visited these bookmarking sites they gave me these potential niche ideas in just a few SECONDS!:

  • UFO’s and Aliens
  • Hockey drills
  • Classic Cars
  • The Hobbit
  • Small Business Cost Control

#SESSION.FIRSTNAME#, please remember that you can find a mixture of other Articles full of niche finding ideas in the members area.

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