Niche Ideas From Google Related Searches

Google Related Searches

Another free and easy to use tool for seeking out new niche ideas that we use all the time here at Dr Nitch is Google’s Related Searches option. This provides niche marketing suggestions and ideas from Google’s immense database that will give you a good range of options to add to your list of potential niches.

This is a great little search tool to use as an alternative to the main Google search engine box and presents a host of valuable niche ideas for you to consider. Using related searches will provide you with a list of words and phrases that Google believes are related to your initial search term so you get to see Google’s view on relevant subjects for your niche business delivered right in front of your eyes.

To access the related searches tool all you need do is go to Google and enter your initial search word or phrase. In the example below we use the word ‘Aromatherapy’ for our test search.


Once your initial search is delivered you then have to scroll down to the bottom of the page and the Google Related Search tool will then display for you the suggested list of related terms and phrases which will give you niche ideas such as those displayed in the image below:


We love this simple little tool as it can very quickly show you a whole mix of related ideas and suggestions that you probably wouldn’t have thought of as part of the niche. Aside from pure ideas, this tool also gives you a clear road map of areas to research in more detail so that you can work your way through all the suggested terms and see what relates to them. This will give you a very fast way to get inside a market and see what are the key areas to focus on.

#SESSION.FIRSTNAME#, try Google Related Searches and enter any initial ideas or markets that you have found elsewhere and see what Google suggests are good niches to look at.

These can then be used on your niche ideas list for further analysis.

#SESSION.FIRSTNAME#, remember you can find other Articles full of niche finding ideas in the members area. Or, you can access the latest edition of the Dr Nitch Niche Marketing Guide – “Finding Your Niche – 11 Options For Your Niche Success”. This guide shares the most useful resources and ideas on finding niche market ideas that the Dr Nitch Niche Marketing Center has identified.

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