Niche Ideas From Bookstores

while you’re out and about, exploring the various niche ideas that are tucked away in all that the media has to offer, why not stop by the bookstore as well?

Books are a wonderful resource. And besides the fact that there’s something nice about physically opening a book and turning the pages, it’s also nice to go to the store and take in all of the titles.

Searching in Bookstores provides a ready made source of niche ideas to consider for your niche marketing business. Why? Well all those books are carefully presented so that the most popular titles or those being promoted the hardest are easiest to find. This makes is a simple browse and look task to identify numerous niche ideas.

When you’re in the bookstore go to the self-help or instructional section first and you should see row after row of ‘how-to’ books.

These books are practically ready-made niche ideas for the taking. There’s a ‘how-to’ book on just about every topic. And when you factor in the ‘For Dummies’ series, we’re talking a whole lot of topics to choose from.

But don’t worry I’m not going to ask that you write down every single title you come across!

However, anything that grabs your interest should be jotted down. While you don’t have to know anything about your niche idea to pursue it, it’s a good idea to select those ideas that are at least interesting to you.

This is your business after all.

Any sort of instructional book could be a good resource to pick niche ideas from.

And don’t forget – even if there is a ‘dummies’ or similar book for a specific topic they are just in a book format. With your niche marketing skills you will be able to produce products in multiple formats and over time offer a range of tightly focused relevant titles – because you’re going to be a specialist NOT and Generalist!

My latest bookstore trip gave me these ideas just from one section of the titles on offer in the gardening section:

  • herb preserving and storing

  • herbal gifts and accessories

  • natural health remedies with herbs and spices

  • new herbs and spices to excite and please

  • growing a herb garden in a pot

  • herbs for kids

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