Niche Idea – Lifestyle Products

The power of adopting a targeted approach to niche marketing hit home
to the big boys with ‘Best Buys’ rolling out three different store formats based
around social/economic demographics. These give niche market ideas that the
product developer can exploit.

Forget the souless, anoymous world of big box hyper stores – welcome to the
return of your local comfy second home.

Forget the staff who don’t know you, the
products or what your needs might be – welcome to knowledgable, helpful and
interested staff.

Box shifter Best Buys trialled a niche strategy and surprise surprise found it works! The megastore trialled three formats with a niche marketing
approach based around demographics.

The three concepts that proved successful and provide valuable
niche market ideas were:


Aimed at the middle aged customer, EQ-Life combines a Pharmacy, Spa,
Beauty and Yoga backed up by a selected range of electronics products.

The concept sells health and well being plus hair/beauty care electronics backed
up by a narrow selection of entertainment packages.

This concept rides the tide of older, more affluent and time rich over 40’s
looking to both live longer, live more healthily and look as young as they were
10 years before.


Offers big game arenas – enclosed glass rooms for up to 10 players with a
full set of entertainment machines and large plasma screens.

Attic house and coffee bar styling for the younger more hip purchaser. Big
game concept offers the classic mix of try before you buy and party.

This concept rides the wave of the consumer trend for installing and enjoying a complete home entertainment
suite of big screen, games, music, fitness, seating and snacks.

Studio D

Quieter, less intrusive store concept of Moms of all ages – new moms seeking
peace, moms with teenage gadget geeks or grandma’s seeking personal or gift

Staff bais towards females with a range of free seminars and tutorials on how
to use the latest gadgets and technologies.

Studio D plugs into the rising trend of ‘Sheeks’ females taking action to
overcome the male dominated world of gadgets, technology and entertainment

Niche Market Idea – Lifestyle Products

While these particular store concepts may wither and die the message they
give out is clear and powerful to us little guys.


The big guys need millions of dollars to target
and make money out of niche markets within their wider marketplace. You can
develop, enter and make money in a niche market on a much cheaper, more personal
and speedy basis.

So leverage off the big guys and use their investment in shop
footfall and concepts to offer mirror LIFESTYLE products and services targeted at specific

Such an approach would allow you to enter otherwise crowded markets. Niche
market ideas we have include:

  • How to choose
  • Gadgets you really need and why
  • Drop shipping portals targeting the older, the terrified or the mom or dad
    with ‘expert’ kids

Or how about information sites that offer just reviews, customer feedback,
try outs, instructional information or tutorials about the most popular

This market branches out in many directions giving you massive potential for
related products to your customers, portals of related information or even a
subscription site of useful articles and information.

We’ll be covering the Niche sector of lifestlye requirements and associated technology or gadgets in detail in an upcoming DNA

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