Making Use Of Online Groups To Check Potential Niches

Online Groups such as those offered by Google, Yahoo and Facebook are another key niche market indicator you should consider using in your niche analysis. Online Groups are great indicators as they represent online communities that people have opted to join to share similar interests, hobbies or beliefs.

You can use any of the online group services to analyze your potential niches but we prefer to use the more established player of Yahoo Groups.


You can use the Online Groups Test to check out any of your potential niche ideas in Yahoo Groups. The test will help you to see how popular each niche idea is. This niche check test will give you the answers to know if other people are actively sharing and talking about the niche.

If the number of groups you find is low then the niche may not be the one to take forward while if the number is high then the niche can stay on your “potentials” list.

You can do the Online Groups Check Test to try out your niche ideas through this link – Yahoo Groups Check Test.

To assess the popularity of a niche on Yahoo Groups all you need do is enter your chosen niche word or phrase into the search box for each niche on your remaining short list.

For niches that consist of more than one word you MUST enter your niche name in speech marks to get an accurate result. So for Bass fishing you would enter:

“Bass Fishing”

This will then show you how many groups there are for your specific niche market. In this case the answer from Yahoo Groups is 16,417 groups for the ‘Bass Fishing’ niche.


You’ll need to run the test for each niche on your list of possible niche markets and note down exactly how many groups are shown in the Yahoo Groups results.

Review Niche Results

When we ran the Online Groups Check Test against a selection of our test niche markets these were the results that emerged in comparison to the Bass Fishing niche:

 Bass Fishing    16,417 Groups 
 Crochet     2,726 Groups   
 Golf Putting  3 Groups   
 Scrapbooking     3,554 Groups   

Niche Results Analysis

Using our long run niche analysis benchmarks the results from our test niches using the Online Groups Niche Check helped us to reach these conclusions:

We’re always keen to use the Yahoo Groups test in our niche analysis as the groups represent centers of like minded customers all interested in the same hobby, sport, team , illness or belief.

Based on the results of this niche analysis test we would consider Bass Fishing and Scrapbooking above the other niches being assessed.

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