How To Use Your ORMADO Software

On this page you’ll find a range of tutorials to show you how to use AND get the most out of your ORMADO activity planning software.

The tutorials have been broken up into short sections so that they are easier to view and you can take action after each one to implement what you see.

Part One – ORMADO Introduction

In Part One of the tutorials you’ll find an introduction to the ORMADO software tool. This covers how the software can help you get more done, more quickly with the time you already have available.

Part Two – ORMADO ‘Quick Start’

In Part Two you’ll find a ‘Quick Start’ tutorial which will let you get underway with ORMADO as soon as possible. We’d suggest you watch and use this tutorial First before you move onto all the other the more detailed tutorials.

Part Three – ORMADO Timer Features

In Part Three you’ll see how to use all the ‘Timer’ features available to you within ORMADO. This tutorial gives you a more detailed walkthrough of all the different options you have for setting and managing the timers that will help you get more done.

Part Four – ORMADO Actions Features

In Part Four you’ll see a tutorial on how to use all the ‘Actions’ features inside ORMADO. This tutorial will show you a more detailed review of the actions features that will help you to plan and get more done.

Part Five – ORMADO Report Features

In Part Five of this series of Tutorials you’ll find coverage of ‘Reports’ features within ORMADO. These reports will help you to monitor and track your progress and identify where you spend the bulk of your time so that you can refine, improve and get even more done for the same time and effort.

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