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The questions we receive from visitors are quite varied but set out on this page are the answers to some of the most common questions we get asked about the DrNitch.com site.

If the answer you want isn’t shown here then all you have to do is contact us.

Questions About Dr Nitch?

What is Dr Nitch.com?

Dr Nitch.com is a membership site offering professionally researched niche marketing ideas and information for you to use in your business quickly, cheaply and easily. Our 30+ years experience of successful product development is backed up by a set of easy to use step by step resources to help you whether you’re a complete beginner, nearly there or already have a successful niche marketing business of your own.

What do I get from the site?

As a full member you will receive our unique range of membership benefits. You can read all about our latest services for members in our member benefits section.

When was Dr Nitch established?

Dr Nitch was an idea formed by Colin Stevens our founder on November 7th 2004 in the middle of an Internet Marketing conference (after Colin had just won $20 in an audience competition for thinking of the most niche market ideas in 30 seconds – 28 in fact). This idea then became a research and analysis project across 1,000 test markets in December of that year and then grew over time to become the niche marketing center that Dr Nitch.com has become.

Who is it Dr Nitch for?

Dr Nitch.com is suitable for absolute beginners, those who are nearly there but not quite, seasoned professionals or those who are keen to grow their existing business. We provide niche marketing ideas, niche market analysis, niche product development ideas plus customer trend information in a range of publications that vary in their size, complexity and depth. All our published content and learning resources are provided on a mix and match basis so our members can access as much or as little as they need without getting bogged down or lost.

How much does membership cost?

We’re offering a special limited trial subscription of only $4.99 for 14 days followed by $29 per month for the next 250 new members. After this number is reached, membership will return to our standard $39 per month.

As the number of members and the support required increases we’ll revert to our standard membership price of $39 per month.

You can join now using our Secure Online Order Form.

How often is the content updated?

We produce new niche marketing, niche research and analysis reports every month. We add articles, ideas, tutorials and software whenever we have material ready – normally a couple of times a week. We’re on the forum and answering members questions virtually every day although we very occasionally take a few days off!

Like food products our research has a sell by date which we set. For our members this means that all our research is regularly withdrawn, reviewed, updated and rewritten to reflect changes.

Who is Dr Nitch?

You can find out and see who Dr Nitch is by visiting our Who is Dr Nitch? section. To find out how we approach business and caring for our members then please read our approach.

Where can I find out more information?

If you’d like to find out more about what Dr Nitch is all about and what being a member can offer you then please just click to take our guided tour.

How can I try Dr Nitch to see if it’s for me?

Joining the site is easy. And we even offer a heavily discounted trial membership for a full 14 days priced at only $4.99. A trial subscription will let you check out the site and the resources, research and information on offer to see if it’s for you.

At only $4.99 that’s less than a quarter a day to try out the information you need for your own niche marketing based business.

To join and try out our niche marketing community visit the Members Benefits page, so that you can see all the tools, tutorials, research, advice, support and information provided to members of the DrNitch.com niche marketing community.

Before you take the trial why not also check out all our Free Samples. This area of the site includes samples of our content such as articles, checklists, research, training, downloads and our published niche marketing secrets guides – ALL Free for you to access.

How secure is my personal information?

>We do not share, sell or allow others to use your personal details or email address information in any way. All our communications and use of your information comply fully with the CAN SPAM, FTC, UK and EU regulations. Our ownership, business information and contact details are published prominently throughout this site and are held in public records given our status as a Corporation. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.

Are my credit card details safe?

We use Clickbank as our payment processor and they use the latest Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to protect your card details and information. None of your card details are retained once your order has been placed.

What will appear on my credit card statement?

Your credit card will show payments made to “Clickbank” or “Dr Nitch Paypal” or similar depending on the product you have purchased.

Will you share my information with anyone else?

NO, NO and Absolutely, Completely and 150% NOT. We do not release, share or sell your details to other parties, sites or organisations under any circumstances. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.

Who owns this site?

This site is owned by Dr Nitch Ltd, a limited liability corporation based in the UK. For our business contact information please click here for more details.

What guarantee do you offer?

DrNitch.com is committed to providing valuable information and resources that you can use to build and improve your niche marketing business. Our information and research is based on our considerable experience of over 30 years niche marketing, product development, research and marketing and is designed to give every one of our members an extensive range of niche marketing resources and product ideas. We want you to be fully satisfied with what you see and read at DrNitch.com and if you’re not please contact us and let us know.

However, despite all we provide please remember that you are ultimately responsible for your own actions and your own success or failure in anything you do.

If you are looking for a ‘magic’ solution, instant profits, a ‘get rich quick’ scheme or guaranteed results then please don’t join the DrNitch.com community. Building, running and maintaining a business takes hours of dedicated work with the hope of ultimate success and profit.

If building a business on or offline really was as easy as many would have you believe then the whole population would have their own niche marketing business and be very wealthy. But life isn’t like that. What we can assure you is that if you are committed, dedicated, have belief and can follow simple instructions then you will have a greater chance of long term success.

Can I cancel my membership after I’ve joined?

If you take out a subscription to DrNitch.com through one of our special offers it is entirely YOUR responsibility to track when the special trial membership rolls over into a standard subscription plan.

The duration of any special offer or trial we offer to new subscribers is clearly indicated when you take out the subscription. Our payment processor ClickBank will, at their discretion, allow for the return of any defective product within 60 days from the date of purchase. After 60 days all sales are final.

Just to be clear – After your discounted trial 14 day subscription to DrNitch.com ends, you agree to either pay our standard monthly subscription fee (currently $29 a month) or cancel your membership. You may cancel your membership at any time before your trial ends by cancelling here.

You are able to cancel at any time and owe nothing further. If you cancel during your first 14 days of membership you will only be charged the $4.99 you paid to join. After 14 days you are automatically enrolled into our $29 per month subscription plan.

On DrNitch.com all months are equally 30 days for the avoidance of doubt so your ‘monthly’ subscription will be paid every 30 days or until you cancel. It is very easy to cancel your subscription and can be done by following the information found in our cancellation process.

Special Offers and Trial subscriptions are only valid once per subscriber. If you re-join using a new members offer for a second time your subscription will be immediately transferred to a full payment plan with absolutely no right of refund, cash back or rebate.

As a subscriber to DrNitch.com you are provided with immediate access to the extensive range of niche marketing tools, information, research and ideas to make or grow your business but only you can be responsible for your own niche marketing business success.

We do guarantee that if you join DrNitch.com and fail to do anything with what you learn, see and hear as a subscriber, fail to join in on the members forum, don’t take action or wait for others to do it all for you then it is highly likely that you will not achieve the success that you wish for.

Who does all the work?

The research, updates, support and member communications are all undertaken by a small, dedicated team. None of us actually looks like the Doc in our logo but we’re working on it! Our team are all serial business people having set up and run several offline and online businesses. See Who is Dr Nitch? for more details.

Will Dr Nitch make me rich?

Dr Nitch is a varied and detailed niche marketing resource – a toolkit. We provide tools, ideas and information so that you can shortcut the niche marketing process and go straight to markets and niches that look most likely to be successful. But the information on the site won’t make you rich overnight and has no guarantees. Every person has their own set of skills and motivations and every business is different so it’s up to you to make a success out of the tools and information you get your hands on.

Dr Nitch is a goldmine of niche marketing information but has to go alongside other resources and tools to provide success. We can show you where the ‘gold’ should be – but you have to do the “digging”.

Do I need any special software to use Dr Nitch?

No. We provide our niche marketing information in standard software and browser formats.

As a member of Dr Nitch you’ll also have access to our own range of proprietary software such as Dr Nitch’s ORMADO and Niche Profiler which will be provided free of charge while you remain a member.

Do you have any special offers?

Yes – we’re always offering special offers, free materials, resources and discounted membership plans. Please take a look at our special offers area to see what you could take advantage of today. For example, you might want to take advantage of our Niche Secrets offer and get your complimentary copy of one of our renowned Niche Marketing Secrets guide books. You’ll also receive our niche marketing ideas each week.

Or, why not take out a trial membership for a whole 14 days for only $4.99. You can join now using our
secure Online Order Form.
This is a special limited offer – only $4.99 for a 14 day trial followed by a discounted subscription rate of $29 per month compared to our standard rate of $39.

Any more questions?

If there is a question that you have that we haven’t answered then please contact us or take the tour and see what Dr Nitch has to offer you.

You can contact us via email using the Contact Us Form

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