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Introducing Colin Stevens ‘Dr Nitch’

My name is Colin Stevens and as such I’m Dr Nitch himself running the niche marketing research, ideas and coaching facility that is Dr Nitch.com. I’m from Marlborough, ‘Old’ England where I live with my wife, three children and our adopted rescue black Labrador Mia.

For more than 20 years I’ve worked in marketing across product research, development and deployment for over 50 client corporations including Proctor & Gamble, Charles Schwab, AXA and Barclays Bank. My product development experience stretches back over 30 years to when I setup my first little ‘hobby’ business that did so well it paid for our first house deposit.

I’ve been involved in the creation and sale of products varying from garden plants, snack foods and handmade Christmas decorations through to mutual funds, life insurance and information products.

I’ve been involved in the online world since the bulletin board days of 1989 and it’s provided the bulk of my income for the past nine years. Niche products I’ve successfully developed include products in markets as diverse as Small Business Marketing,  Identity Theft, Retirement Planning, Cruises and Debt Management. I’ve even created a film product on ‘how to build a Viking Ship in your garden’!
I now work online full time from my home office.

Outside of work I enjoy every second I can now share with my family, growing food, fishing and exploring historic Castles. When I’m not a taxi service for my children I serve as Group Scout Master at my local Scout group the 5th Wiltshire providing traditional outdoor adventures for over 40 young people.

Moving from the offline to online worlds was by far and away the best decision I ever made. It has had lots of downs as well as ups and it hasn’t always been plain sailing. But I’ve made the most progress, had the most fun and met some of the most genuine and fascinating people while I’ve studied and worked online. Unlike many other professions I’ve found that most, if not all, of the skills you need to be a profitable product developer online can be learnt quickly and then either done yourself or by outsourced labour.

As Dr Nitch, I’ve taken some of the best and well proven steps used by professional marketers and product developers over decades and converted them into an easy to use bank of research, analysis and learning resources that ensures Dr Nitch members can create niche marketing businesses and products quickly, cheaply and easily.

Dr Nitch is designed to help you whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned business owner and whether you want to earn a bit to help boost your income or want to grow a self owned business.

You can email me, speak to me on Skype, Twitter, Facebook or on the members discussion forum – whatever suits you to help you build or grow your niche marketing business.

At Dr Nitch we are real people with families, kids and everyday issues that life provides us all. As a member of this site you will get to know us personally, share our honest, down to earth and no nonsense sharing of thoughts and ideas and above all our dedicated support and advice.

We will be by your side with each step you take either tiny or huge – they all matter so why not join us and see how we can help you with your dream?

Welcome to Dr Nitch and thank you for visiting our site!


Dr Nitch


Colin Stevens

DipM MA FCIM Chartered Marketer

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