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What Does Dr Nitch Offer You?

Membership of Dr Nitch will provide access to a mix of materials designed to make niche marketing much quicker and easier for you – whatever your level of business experience.

This carefully developed suite of niche ideas and marketing resources has been built based on our own extensive on and offline product development experience which goes back over 30 years.

So if you become a member of the Dr Nitch Niche Marketing Community you’ll gain access to all this…


Your Niche

Find the ideal niche markets for your business aims (1,000+ Niche Market Ideas included to help)

Niche Finding Guides – You’ll have full access to coaching guides on Using, Finding & Choosing YOUR niche.

These guides include all the latest updates and are packed with easy to follow information and resources.

Each guide will take you step by step through the process to use, find and choose the ideal niche for your business, your personal circumstances and available resources.

You’ll also get a set of tools, checklists, videos and software to help you regardless of how much or little experience you have.



 Be Seen As An

Become the niche expert to follow in your chosen market (5,000+ Niche Dashboards inside to help)

Niche Ideas – With a global database covering
over 1,200 niches you’ll gain immediate access to the latest niche ideas as we uncover them. Each
idea is backed up with product and service suggestions for you to consider developing – or you could talk about them in your niche and BE the expert. With the latest changes to Google and Bing, “expert status” in a niche is becoming more and more important.

Research Resources – Dr Nitch membership
gives you access to information and ‘how to’ guides on the best niche research resources we’ve
uncovered to aid your niche marketing business and expert status.

Dashboards – included in your membership are
over 5,000 of our unique Niche Market Dashboards. These update 24/7 and give you the latest news,
blogs, articles, products, books, magazines, trends, videos and social media across all the niches we
cover. Using the information shown can keep you ahead of your competitors as the ‘go to’ expert in your niche.

Feedback – if your niche of choice is not covered
by our published research or tools then just ask and we’ll do our best to add it to the niche markets covered by the site. At present we cover well over a thousand different markets in our research database which is growing all the time.


Get Products To

Access exclusive products and ideas to start using today (Free products inside to get you underway)

Using Niche Marketing – You’d get exclusive
rights to give away the ‘Using Niche Marketing – Your 9 Simple Steps To Success’ coaching guide.
Rights to this book have never been issued before like this and are strictly for members of this
site only.

Other Get Started Products – As part of your membership you’ll gain exclusive access to be able to sell some of our members only products such
as ORMADO as an affiliate to help grow your own niche marketing business.

Niche Business Giveaways – As a member you’ll
also gain access to a growing range of materials that you are free to give away or use on your own

Niche Product Ideas – You’ll gain hundreds of
niche product ideas from our published research, the dashboards and from other members in the
forum. You’ll also get help to get your own product ideas to market – you just have to ask.

Affiliate Center – You can sign up to use our specialist affiliate site where you will have access to a mix of
materials, freebies and giveaways. Each of these can easily be personalized with your own affiliate
links allowing you to earn an ongoing income promoting Dr Nitch while building your own customer list and
niche business.



Access Free

Access exclusive niche tools to build you business success (Making tough stuff easy with Dr Nitch’s software)

The Niche Analyzer – this key tool will help
you to evaluate and choose between different niche ideas so you get the best chance of success.
Only available to members.

Niche Profiler – the Niche Profiler gives you
one click niche research across unlimited niches using over 25 search and video resources including Google,
Bing, eHow, Digg and Squidoo.

ORMADO – this online tool will provide you
with your very own task management and progress tracker that helps you get the most out of your
available work time.



Help And Advice

Get all the help and advice you need to make real progress.

  When you become a member
of the Dr Nitch community you’ll be given a step by step guide to everything available to you.
You’ll also be guided through your first months so that you get the most out of the resources and
information available without being overloaded.

Niche Marketing Glossary
 The Dr Nitch Niche Marketing Glossary provides you with
easy to understand explanations of words, terms and acronyms in common use throughout the world of
niche marketing and business both on and offline.

Surveys &
 You’ll be offered the chance to
take part in
 regular surveys and competitons to ensure we
provide what you are looking for.



 Make Use Of Tools

Gain access to the tools you need to make real progress (40+ infographics & worksheets inside to help)

Get your hands on a growing resource bank of tools and material to help your business efforts.

Niche Business Resources –
The tool zone collects together many of the resources required to
help you build an online product and business. Here at Dr Nitch we use all of the tools we share
without exception.

Swipes & Downloads – In the
swipe and download areas you can access a variety of clips, images, small files and other useful
bits and pieces that we’ve found invaluable for you to use as you wish. We add and update the
contents on a regular basis.

Niche Marketing
 As a member you’ll have access to a
wealth of articles, tutorials, ideas, videos, reviews, downloads and other resources to help you
run a realistic and focused niche business giving you a greater chance of

Book Reviews – The Book Reviews zone of Dr Nitch will give you our fact based reviews of titles we’ve read whether good or bad so you can go direct to our recommended books and guides.



Mix With Other ‘Nichers’

Join a like minded community and get the help we all need (Reviews, tutorials and other ‘nichers’ to help)

Members forum – Join Dr Nitch and you’ll be
able to share problems, ideas and questions with the staff and other members of our niche marketing
community. Any questions will be answered in non-tech, friendly language. There are no silly,
stupid or foolish questions only questions that need an answer!

Tech Support – Anytime you get held up by a
specific tech problem or obstacle, the Dr Nitch team will offer advice and ideas on how to make
progress. This will range from a suggestion in the forum, a link to a resource or recommended
course or a specific video tutorial.

Friendly – We know what it’s like to sign up
to an ‘expert’ and never hear from them again – or to be talked down to as if you were in
kindergarten – or to join a step by step program to find it only has the first three steps. That’s
why we moderate our forum and respond to members questions and queries ourselves so that we can do
our best to treat our members how we’d like to be treated ourselves.

Helpdesk – If you get stuck at any time while
using DrNitch.com you’ll have full access to our support services and helpdesk. You WILL NOT be on
your own.

Open Days – You’ll get a regular invite to
one of our open days where you can raise questions or seek advice on a specific niche marketing

Dr Nitch Cares – Your membership of Dr Nitch
not only helps your own business but also helps us support those in need through our fund raising
program, Dr Nitch Cares.



 Get Even

There’s a long development list of new features, products and services to add to
the membership area at the Dr Nitch Niche Marketing Center.

In fact at present we have over
THREE YEARS worth of new stuff under
development to add to what our members receive.

Why not keep an eye out on the ‘Latest Content For Our Members’ zone on our home page to see the new additions as they
are released?



To give you an idea of the sort of content available to full members of Dr Nitch why not check out
a selection of the articles, audios, videos, checklists and more published inside DrNitch.com at our two Free Samples

Free Sample Articles, Tips And Research

Free Sample Resources, Tips And Tools

Just $4.99 to

Join the Dr Nitch membership community today and discover the tools, resources and ideas you need if you are starting out or looking to grow your own niche marketing business.

Why not try Dr Nitch for 14 days to see if it’s for you for only $4.99?

Full membership is then only $29 per month for the duration of your membership.

Payment is via Clickbank in your local currency.

If your membership has expired and you wish to renew, visit our Secure Renewal Subscription Form.

#Please the important notes at the bottom of this page. You can also access our Terms of Use and Support information using the menu at the foot of this and every page on DrNitch.com


What others

Colin Stevens who is ‘Dr Nitch’ has worked with both large and small companies helping them with their niche
marketing, product development and business ‘stuff’ for over 15 years.

You can visit our reviews and testimonials zone to see a small selection of the feedback received from customers.

I hope you find the range of resources and help that Dr Nitch has to offer of interest to you and hope that we can talk soon in the members area.

Colin Stevens

‘Dr Nitch’







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