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We think it’s important to know not only who runs a site but what they offer and how they work before you part with your hard earned money. So here’s a summary of our approach to business and the service we offer to our members.

Dr Nitch is designed to be THE go to place for niche marketing resources to get your business profitable quickly, cheaply and easily. As a result Dr Nitch offers a wide choice of easy to use niche research, ideas and resources to help you build and run a successful niche product business.

Whether you are just starting out or already have a successful business, Dr Nitch is built to be ‘the niche marketing center’.

The idea for Dr Nitch came from seeing endless self proclaimed experts stating that “you just need to find a niche” and then not actually sharing what or how to do it in their relentless drive to sell a coaching course or ‘magic system’ at insane prices of $997 or $1997 – sound familiar?

So, back in the winter of 2004 Dr Nitch was born and my team and I started researching over 1,000 niche markets, testing consumer trends and pulling together the mix of niche ideas, analysis and step by step advice for building niche products quickly, easily and cheaply that is DrNitch.com.

As a highly successful product developer for over 30 years, I know the frustrations, distractions, obstacles and joys of building businesses and products to launch and beyond. Dr Nitch captures and shares this experience and that of our expert team to help our members hopefully source, build and launch niche marketing business ventures of their own. We have to say ‘hopefully’ because we can’t guarantee what you will actually DO with the information we provide.

Dr Nitch is here for you to ask all of your niche marketing questions. I or my team of experts will be able to answer most questions for you and our network of product researchers and business development experts from around the world will help you as required through the discussion forum.

There are many sites that will tell you that “you need to find a niche“………..

even more that will show you “how to do some niche research” but miss out why or what to actually do………………..

Dr Nitch will provide you with both niche research and analysis plus professionally thought out niche marketing ideas. We’ll also provide you with all you need to get started quickly and easily with resources showing you how to promote and profit from your own niche marketing business.

Anyone can look up a few facts via Google but it is something entirely different to analyse that information and turn it into realistic niche marketing ideas based on what customers actually WANT. That’s what Dr Nitch is designed to help you with – realistic niche marketing ideas.

We are real people with families, kids, pets and everyday issues that life provides us all. As a member of this site you will get to know us personally, share our honest and down to earth thoughts and above all, our dedicated support and advice.

We will be by your side with each step you take – so why not join us and see how we can help you with your business dream?

Thank you for visiting our site!

Dr Nitch


Join Dr Nitch now and gain immediate access to all the resources in the member’s only section. To take out our 14 day $4.99 trial use our secure order form. Full membership is then only $29 per month for the duration of your membership.

Any questions? Please use our contact us page.


And just for information.

What Dr Nitch does NOT provide…………

  • Constant emails and articles promoting the latest $997 guru launch as a ‘must buy’
  • Incredibly long sales letters full of repeated outrageous bonus offers
  • False promises, made up earnings estimates, fake testimonials, ripped off products or the same old content.
  • Never ending promotions to make you buy more and more products.
  • Unreachable customer support that doesn’t actually DO anything.
  • Overnight success and riches
  • Promises of untold wealth overnight by buying the latest must have big launch product.


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