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The Dr Nitch Cares Program, helping Dr Nitch to help others all around the world


By subscribing to Dr Nitch and/or buying other providers products through our links you are helping make a difference to children and good causes in countries around the world.

Your membership of Dr Nitch not only helps your own business but also helps us support those in need through our fund raising program Dr Nitch Cares.

Our current good causes

From the contributions we’ve already received the Dr Nitch Cares Program has been able to undertake some exciting sponsorship activities. So far five children, their families and wider communities in Chile, Kenya, Bangladesh, Peru and Sri Lanka have been sponsored by us through World Vision for over eight years.

Dr Nitch Cares Results

We chose World Vision because:

  • they’re represented in countries around the world – they’re not an exclusively US, UK or European charity.
  • they support anybody from any religion anywhere in the world
  • they support those in need in the US, UK and Europe as well as in developing countries
  • their trade, training, loans and support programs are proven around the world over many, many years
  • when appropriate World Vision withdraws and projects are left in the capable hands of trained local people
  • as a business with real people with everyday issues we get feedback from the people we help and send small gifts and letters throughout the year – they keep us in touch with reality and what is really important in life, things like water, shelter, health, education, work and families.

Ethiopia Hope

Following a customer request the Dr Nitch Cares Program has also been able to supply Ethiopia Hope, an orphanage in Ethiopia with three complete sets of UK Premier League Soccer shirts. Now all the orphanages teams (Boys and Girls) can play matches in a matching brand new official team shirt – we even supplied shirts for the teachers too.

Dr Nitch Cares Results

How the Dr Nitch Cares program is funded

The Dr Nitch Cares program is funded by our own contributions, voluntary contributions from Dr Nitch members, fund raising activities and from the commissions we earn selling other companies products through links on our site.

Would you like to nominate or choose our next Dr Nitch Cares charity partners?

Based on feedback from our members and other customers our Dr Nitch Cares program has been supporting the local and international efforts of World Vision and Ethiopia Hope, an Aids Charity orphanage in Ethiopia. When it comes time to choose our next charity partners we’d like to ask for your help to choose the next charities we should support – here’s how.

Post on the or contact the staff here at Dr Nitch and recommend a charity you feel we should all support giving full details of what they do, who they help, where they work and any specific fund raising goals they have.

We will then review each nomination and put together a voting survey in the Dr Nitch members area. All our members will then be able to review and choose their chosen good cause. Based on the most popular choices we’ll announce the charity partners our members have chosen and these will be added to the Dr Nitch Cares causes we will support through our Cares Foundation.

Dr Nitch Cares future plans

We’re not there yet but in the future we hope and pray that with your help there are enough contributions to enable us to set up our own registered charity for the Dr Nitch Cares Program and raise money to fund exciting projects such as building classrooms or providing micro finance to small business owners in the developing world.

Our thanks to YOU

All that we’ve done so far and all we plan to do for good causes is only possible due to our members generous support.

Thanks for supporting us with this valuable work.

Colin Stevens

‘Dr Nitch’


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