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Guest Speaking Requests

Looking for an expert guest speaker who can talk on any subject connected with niche marketing?

Why not ask experienced Niche Marketing Expert Colin Stevens (aka Dr Nitch) to be a Speaker for Your Event.

If you are looking for an experienced presenter who can deliver valuable content why not get in touch with Dr Nitch for your next teleseminar, webinar, event or conference?

Guest Speaker Opportunities

Topics that can be developed for your event include:

  • Build you dream business using the secret of eternal profits – niche marketing
  • Finding your niche quickly, cheaply and easily using free resources and your friends
  • Niche Trends you can ignore if you want to go out of business
  • Niche Marketing resources that will save your sanity, your marriage and your hair
  • Is the Hokey Cokey really what it’s all about?
  • Why are Sam, Lucy, Ron and Luke the key to a profitable business?
  • Can you really make money for free?

Underneath these attention grabbing subject lines are presentations based on long term experience, profitable business and proven delivery of niche marketing projects. Where necessary I can customize any of these presentations for your event or target market or, if you prefer I can prepare a bespoke presentation based on your specific requirements.

Just don’t ask me to do boring headlines or an out an out sales pitch.

You can learn more about Dr Nitch, Colin Stevens here:

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