AA Getting Started Step 4 The Five Truths

Welcome to Step #4

#session.firstname#, in Step Four we’re going to quickly touch on something that I’m very passionate about and want you to understand – the Five Truths.

Now these are very short videos but each one will give you an insight into one of the five core truths about any business, in any market that are fundamental to success or failure.

And the good news is that the steps are very simple to follow.

Now, onto the five videos!

In this step:

– the Five Truths

Truth #1 – Find

Truth #2 – Want

Truth #3 – Where

Truth #4 – Check

Truth #5 – Repeat


What we’ve covered in this step is very important for you to get the most out of your membership and achieve real long term success. The transcript available for you to download includes notes and information from all five of the videos.

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