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Dr Nitch’s Business Success Guide “Using Niche Marketing – Your 9 Simple Steps To Success” will give you all the essential information you need to get started with a niche business approach using tried and tested techniques that have stood the test of time – regardless of the market and product sold.

Inside this legendary guide book you’ll find out:

  • Why Niche Marketing is vital – and will make your business survive and thrive
  • What a niche REALLY is – it’s NOT what most people tell you
  • What to avoid when choosing a niche – and the big black hole to bypass
  • How to find a niche that is good for YOU – AND your wallet
  • Powerful options for greater niche success – that you can easily use
  • Why you must run a niche marketing business – if you want long term success
  • How to boost your profits – without doing any extra work
  • The hidden dangers you can’t ignore – some of these will shock you especially number 3
  • Secret steps to finding the best niche opportunities – and where to go looking
  • Key mistakes you have to avoid – and how to do it

Who’s It For?


This business success guide will suit:

  • Anyone who is looking to start their first business
  • Those who want to write and sell their own book on the kindle platform
  • Someone who want to boost their income so they can control their own future
  • Anyone who wants to sell and distribute their own products
  • Coaches or experts who want to become known as the go to expert for what they do
  • Those who want to create their own TV channel on YouTube using the power of video
  • Anyone interested in selling proven products from Amazon, eBay or other Affiliate providers
  • YOU

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This guide has been revised at least twice a year since it was first published to ensure it includes the very latest resources and is designed to help you build and grow your niche business whatever your business model or level of experience.

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Success Guide #2 – Finding Your Niche


Dr Nitch’s “Finding Your Niche – 11 Options For Your Niche Success” gives you a step by step action plan of sites and resources to use so that you can find niche ideas with the best chance of success based on your own interests, skills and resources.

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Each of the eleven options shared will give you clear examples of how to use each resource so that you can get started as soon as possible with your niche finding mission.

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Success Guide #3 – Choosing Your Niche


Dr Nitch’s “Choosing Your Niche – 7 Simple Checks To Your Success” provides you with a proven, easy to follow, step by step process of checks. These will guide you to take a raw list of niche ideas and ultimately decide on those worthy of your time, effort and energy.

This business success guide is exclusive to our members and would be sent to you free of charge as a full members of the Dr Nitch community.

Inside the guide and the accompanying course, videos and infographics you’ll find each step in your crucial niche selection process is clearly laid out so that you can make informed decisions about your niche market selections.

As a member of Dr Nitch you’d also get access to our exclusive members only Niche Analyzer Software. This is one of several exclusive online software tools our members enjoy and will let you check out the likely success of an niche before you start spending too much time and effort on it. The Niche Analyzer has been tested and refined since 2006 to always reflect the latest proven indicators of niche viability.


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