Finding Your Niche – If All Else Fails!

If All Else Fails!

If all else fails and you struggle for inspiration to find niche ideas then here are our fail safe suggestions for niches to consider. Have a read through to see which ones you’d like to add to your list of ‘potential’ niches to take forward for sorting and choosing.

#SESSION.FIRSTNAME#, this option covers classic popular niche ideas that you can use if all other idea creation methods fail including:

  • Classic niches

  • Resolutions

  • Active words & phrases

  • ‘How to’ phrases

  • Emotional phrases

  • Big then small

  • Unusual ideas

Big Then Small

There are some huge general markets that are big, full of competitors but also full of small specialist markets. If you are struggling to find some niche ideas why not start with these big markets first and look for some small specialist markets that you can add to your list. The six big markets are:

  • health

  • travel

  • money

  • dieting

  • fitness

  • single People

Classic Niches

Classic niches are those that are always popular and full of opportunities worth investigating. They tend to be big broad niches full of competition but as a starting point for more focused research I don’t think they can’t be beaten.

The classic niches are:

  • making more money

  • looking thinner

  • feeling better

  • improved relationships

  • having a better home

  • having a dream car

  • sailing away in a sail boat

  • living on a tropical island like Puerto Rica

  • living longer

  • freedom to do whatever

  • travelling the world

  • better retirement


New Year and birthday resolutions are a popular starting point for niche marketing ideas as they are always popular and many people make a start on these ideas each and every year!

Based on lists of resolutions made over time here are my suggested favorites for you to consider in your niche ideas list building:

  • lose weight

  • give up smoking

  • start a business

  • increase income

  • get a new job

  • do more exercise

  • eat healthily

  • clear out clutter

  • move house

  • reduce debts

  • shift career

  • begin a new hobby

  • get qualified


Active Words & Phrases

Active words and phrases are the words and phrases commonly used by people when they are trying to find some answer to a problem or how to do something new.

You can use these active words in your niche idea generation process across many of the ideas suggested throughout this site to help you find ideas of niches that people want help in.

Learn, Help, Prevent, Tutorial, Training, Coaching, Remove, Complete, Step by step, Instructions, Need, Plans, Guide, Achieve, Solution, Review, Increase, Lose, Become, Reduce, Info, Cure, Popular, Eliminate, Fix, Want, Problem, Find, Treatment, Solve, Gain, New, Repair, Improve, Get, Remove, Directions, Easy Way To, Home Remedy

‘How To’ Phrases

Like active words and phrases, how to phrases can be used to help you think of possible ideas for niches that can help your customers.

Try and research or think of answers to the following how to phrases:

  • how to

  • how to remove

  • how to give up

  • how to get rid of

  • how do I

  • how can

  • how do you

  • how to fix

  • where to get

  • where to buy

  • where can I

Emotional Phrases

Emotional phrases can be the most powerful of all as you are responding to the hidden psyche of your customers and providing them with solutions to their hidden dreams, desires and aspirations.

If you are struggling for niche ideas why not ask yourself how you can help a group of customers. What could you offer that would supply a solution to any of these emotional triggers?

  • save me time

  • save me money

  • gain me more pleasure

  • help me avoid pain

  • make things easier, quicker or better for me

  • help me be more popular

  • make me richer

  • help me to be slimmer

Unusual Ideas

Also try and think of unusual ideas that there may be demand for but which are currently overlooked such as gaining weight books in the diet and fitness space.


Real Life Example

People recovering from illness or those who are just too thin will want to be shown how to put on weight carefully.

I know because when I was first diagnosed with diabetes as a teenager back in 1978 I was literally a walking skeleton and 40lbs underweight. I then put on 32lbs in six weeks when I started on insulin to get back to a 13 year olds normal weight so don’t dismiss an idea just because it is different!

Here are few more unusual ideas:

  • cakes for Dogs

  • how to leave a job

  • saving by spending money

  • ignoring your in-laws and getting away with it

  • buying presents for people you dislike

  • giving the perfect dinner party for guests that annoy

  • losing weight by eating more and doing less

#SESSION.FIRSTNAME#, you can read a wide range of other niche finding Articles like this in the members area. Or, you can find more niche finding ideas and resources in the latest edition of the Dr Nitch Niche Marketing Guide – “Finding Your Niche – 11 Options For Your Niche Success”. This guide shares the most useful resources and ideas on finding niche market ideas that the Dr Nitch Niche Marketing Center has identified.

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