Finding Niche Markets From Digital Magazines

Alongside traditional paper magazines that you can research on and Amazon you should also look for niche ideas amongst the growing sector of digital magazines from sites such as Zinio, Issuu, Kindle and iTunes.

A digital competitor to is Zinio may not be as well known but has been around for over 10 years and offers magazine subscriptions that are all digitial not paper. This makes their subscriptions not only cheaper but also instant access.

This makes Zinio a very important niche finding resource as it taps into the e-reader market and the habits of those who have such devices.

Zinio offers magazine subscriptions that can be read online or via devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Android, desktop, laptop or tablet device so is tapping into a huge market of customers who are happy to click and spend.


To start using the Zinio digital magazine site to look for niche ideas just go to Zinio

Amazon and Issuu

Alongside Zinio, you can also look for niche ideas amongst the digital magazines published on Amazon and Issuu.

Each of these sites now have digital, paper or both magazines on offer.

With Amazon you’ll tend to only see the most popular titles – which may be too general for your niche finding activities while on the Issuu site you’ll find more niche titles as they offer self-publishing to the public and businesses.

You can access all of these alternative magazine sites using the links below.

Amazon Kindle Magazines

To start using Amazon Kindle Magazines to look for niche ideas just go to Amazon Kindle Magazines


Issuu Magazines

To access Issuu you’ll need to set up a free account OR just use your Facebook credentials and then you’re good to go searching through all their digital magazines.

To start using Issuu to look for niche ideas just go to Issuu Magazines


If you want to ensure your niche efforts are reaching the large group of the population who prefer to read digital editions then I recommend following at least one of the digital magazine providers to track which titles are popular with users of such devices.

You should make tracking digital magazines not only part of your niche research activities but a fundamental element of your business management so that you can keep an eye on trends, design, content and fashions.

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