Finding Niche Ideas From ‘How To’ Searches

What do you think people normally search for when they go online?

Well ongoing research has shown that when people visit a search engine they’re either trying to find a product or they’re trying to find the answer to a question or the solution to a problem.


Read the list below and see if you recognize any of these phrases from your own information searches:

  • how to…?
  • where can I…?
  • how much…?
  • why is…?
  • what makes…?
  • how do I…?
  • guide to…?
  • tutorial on…?
  • instructions for…?
  • information about…?
  • preventing…?
  • cures for…?
  • treating…?
  • learn to…?

These keyword phrases are used all the time by those wanting answers regardless of the topic being searched for. Question and research search phrases cross all subjects, themes and interests. They work whether someone wants to find out who that actor was…how to cheat on Wii Fit…the perfect peanut satay sauce recipe and so on.

But how can you get niche ideas based on these ‘how to’ searches?

Well all you have to do to find more niche ideas for your list of ‘possibles’ is go to Google and enter each of these phrases with and without any niche market words you are thinking about.

Google will then give you a whole host of ideas based on what people have asked for or looked at.


When I did this exercise I found a wide mix of niche ideas that are listed for you below:

  • how to tie a tie
  • where can I buy a kindle
  • how much protein per day
  • why is the ocean salty
  • what makes a good leader
  • how do I build my Facebook timeline
  • guide to processing personnel actions
  • tutorial on Gmail
  • instructions for form 1040
  • information about dogs
  • preventing kidney stones
  • cures for insomnia
  • treating lice
  • learn to knit

One important point to remember is that the answers you will see will change to reflect the new questions being posed by searchers so this is an exercise that you should do every few months to keep your flow of potential new ideas alive.

Go on – have a look now with a few of the suggested search phrases and see what people have been searching for!

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