Finding Niche Ideas From Amazon

Amazon is one of the best known websites in the world and offers a truly incredible range of products ranging from books through to pet food and shoes. With such a range of products also comes one of the world’s largest public databases of customer feedback and opinions.

These two elements combine to make Amazon one of the greatest niche market research tools available to anyone interested in niche marketing.

To start finding niches using Amazon to look for niche ideas just go to the link below:

Amazon Store


Finding potential niche ideas for your list from Amazon is easy. Just go to Amazon and take a look around. As you browse round the different sections and products on offer add to your list any trends or products that catch your eye as possible niche ideas.

You should organize your visits so that over time you spot changes and new trends as they start to emerge. I would recommend you visit the main department pages of each section and then look at the bestsellers and new releases on a monthly basis for best results.

A key area to visit on Amazon is the book or magazine sections. I try and view these for ten minutes of so every month and when I tour round I use these questions as I look at all the titles on offer:

  • what are the products being featured on the page?
  • which products are being offered as special deals?
  • which products catch your eye?
  • what are the titles and headlines used on products?
  • what is the color scheme and design of the top sellers?

Following an organized browse through the sections of Amazon and seeing the different products will provide you with enough information to find a regular stream of niche product ideas.

Amazon Look Inside

A great aid to niche research (and a money saver too) is the ‘Look Inside’ tool that is offered on a lot of books listed on Amazon. The tool will allow you to view the front cover, first few pages, index and most important of all the Table of Contents.


Using this tool will allow you to literally look inside successful products and see how they are constructed without having to buy them first.

By reviewing products in this way you will start to spot gaps or areas that have only been written about in general terms leaving space for you as a niche business owner and marketer to offer more specialized information to the market.

Remember – specialize don’t generalize.

Amazon Customer Reviews

As you browse through Amazon do not overlook one of the major tools on the site for the niche marketer and seeker of niche ideas. Below virtually all products you’ll find Amazon’s customer feedback and ratings.


These are so powerful the whole concept of user ratings and reviews has been incorporated into the major search engine results.

Using Amazon’s customer feedback and ratings to read through customer comments will allow you to find out for virtually any book published:

  • best elements
  • missing elements
  • keywords and phrases used
  • improvements that could be made
  • comparisons with other products
  • overall rating


Please don’t underestimate the power of these feedback and ratings as they aggregate what actual customers are saying.

You should be using Amazon as a fundamental core part of any niche searches you undertake AND to help you construct your eventual product and offer. If customers are spending the time writing down what they think and want why ignore this priceless information?

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