Finding Niche Ideas From Affiliate Programs – Part Two

Clickbank is a huge source of niche and product ideas that you can use for free to benefit your business. The Clickbank ‘Marketplace’ is full of digital products, courses, software, music tracks and membership sites across all sorts of niches covering everything from Arts & Entertainment through to Travel, Sports and Self Help.

Here’s how I use Clickbank for niche idea generation.

In this second article about finding niche ideas from Clickbank I’m going to assume you already have a Clickbank Account and show you all the steps you need to follow to use the Clickbank Marketplace to find niche ideas.

If you DON’T already have a Clickbank Account then just start from the steps shared in the first article – Finding Niche Ideas From Affiliate Programs – Part One.

Here’s the step by step process you need to follow to start finding more niche ideas and products from the Clickbank Marketplace search tool.


Step One – Go to the main Clickbank site and from the homepage click on ‘Login’ as shown in the image above. You can access Clickbank from this link – Clickbank

Step Two – Once you’ve logged into your Clickbank account you’ll need to click on the ‘Marketplace’ tab as shown in the image below.


Step Three – Once you reach the marketplace you can either browse around to find ideas or search for particular products and markets. In my example shown below I looked for the niche of ‘Cake Decorating’.


Step Four – The Clickbank Marketplace tool will then show you the top products for your search together with an outline description of each of them. You can see what appeared when I did my search for ‘Cake Decorating’ in the image below.


Based on the search results you see click through and visit the sales page and product offers of the top ranked products to see how things work in this niche.

Just click on each product and have a good look to see what is on offer, at what price, and most importantly of all, WHO are they talking to and WHAT is the offer that people are buying?

You can see the sales pages of the first three sites I found when I did this exercise in the image below:


From this very quick and simple exercise I gained a set of affiliate products I could use to research the market plus lots of ideas for headlines and my own product in this area.

Using this Clickbank Marketplace method to check out the competition generated six more niche ideas to add to the ideas list:

  • celebration cakes for grown ups
  • cakes for teens
  • cake free cakes
  • decorating cakes for fund raisers
  • making edible cake decorations
  • cake decorating with beads and jewelry

Have a browse round the Clickbank Marketplace and see what niche ideas OUTSIDE the internet marketing, Facebook and online marketing sectors you can find.

#SESSION.FIRSTNAME#, remember you can find other Articles full of niche finding ideas in the members area.

Or you can access the latest edition of the Dr Nitch Niche Marketing Guide – “Finding Your Niche – 11 Options For Your Niche Success”. This guide shares the most useful resources and ideas on finding niche market ideas that the Dr Nitch Niche Marketing Center has identified.

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