Finding Niche Ideas From Affiliate Programs – Part One

Based on our research over many years it’s clear that affiliate programs are a fantastic source of niche ideas and case studies that can ease your entry into a new niche market saving you time, money and effort.

Although it will take specific research to find out if a particular niche is appropriate for development, affiliate programs provide a unique opportunity to see inside an active niche in action.

In case you didn’t know, an affiliate program is where you sign up to promote or sell another company’s products and in return get paid a commission based on the sales you make. There’s a whole lot more to it than that but as this is a guide to niche rather than affiliate marketing, that’s all you really need to know for now!

To get an idea of what an affiliate program looks like I’d recommend that you search on Clickbank to access affiliate programs that are out there and perhaps even find one that you’d be interested in signing up for.

Clickbank is a huge and well respected sales platform full of digital products, courses, software, music tracks and membership sites. Categories on Clickbank include everything from Arts & Entertainment through to Travel, Sports and Self Help.

Here’s how I use Clickbank for niche idea generation.

I’m going to assume you don’t already have a Clickbank Account and include all the steps you need to find niche ideas.

If you DO already have a Clickbank Account then just start from the steps shared in the next article – Finding Niche Ideas From Affiliate Programs – Part Two.

Anyway here’s all the steps required to get access to the Clickbank Marketplace search tool to find more niche ideas.


Step One – Go to the main Clickbank site and from the homepage click on ‘sign up’ as shown in the image above. You can access Clickbank from this link – Clickbank

Step Two – You’ll need to sign up for a free account so scroll down the page past the sales copy and click on the “I have an established audience” button as indicated in the image below. This will get you to the free account you need to access the marketplace.


BEWARE – If you click on any of the other links on this page you’ll end up buying a monthly subscription service from Clickbank which you don’t need to be able to do your niche ideas gathering from their ‘marketplace’!

Once you reach the next page to sign up for your free account all you need to do is scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click on the ‘Sign Up Now’ button you’ll see which will look like this:


Step 3 – You’ll then see the account sign up form which you need to complete. Don’t worry though as this just asks for basic information about you and your business and there is NO money involved.

By setting up an account you’ll be able to log in and use the Clickbank Marketplace to search for niche ideas and products you can use.


Once you’ve completed your Clickbank account application, please read the next article where I’ll show you how to access and use the Marketplace to seek out stacks of niche ideas, trial products and inspiration for your own business. You can access the article here – Finding Niche Ideas From Affiliate Programs – Part Two.

#SESSION.FIRSTNAME#, remember you can find other Articles full of niche finding ideas in the members area.

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