Find Niche Marketing Ideas On eBay

eBay is one of the biggest shopping malls in the world selling practically anything and everything. It’s great for those who want to raise some cash from their unwanted possessions, those who want to run an online store or those who just want to find a few bargains to save a few dollars.

But for the niche researcher eBay is also a great source of niche ideas. You don’t even have to have any particular market in mind. To come up with some potential niche ideas all you need do is view the most popular items or browse some of the hundreds of categories available within eBay.


To start looking around eBay for niche ideas just visit eBay

When you spend time browsing round the different areas of the site you should take note of the types of products that are for sale.

  • Which ones get a lot of bids and which ones don’t?
  • How much are people paying for products?
  • What are the going rates for products?
  • Are there any trends you can spot?

Once you’ve located some of the products on eBay that rouse your interest (as either a buyer or niche marketer), take a moment to evaluate what these sellers say and how they sell their products.

What sets them apart from the other sellers?

How do they make their products stand out?

Is there something inherent in the product they’re selling that makes it so saleable?

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