Dr Nitch’s Niche Analyzer LITE Tool

Niche Analyzer LITE

Niche Analyzer LITE gives you a quick and easy way to check out your niche ideas to see if they could be right for your business.

This is a cut down version of the full Niche Analyzer software and is designed for those of you who want a quicker and easier answer. The LITE version requires less data to assess each niche and will give you some quick answers meaning it’s ideal for those in a hurry who want to progress to the next step.

You just have to understand and accept that with speed and less checks comes less accuracy so you’ll find the LITE version will give a more positive response for any given niche than you’d get from the full version. That’s the ‘price’ of only having to run five tests instead of fourteen.



If you’ve got any question on how to use this tool then please send us a message on our

Don’t forget, if your Niche Analyzer Lite tool is not working for any reason or if the results showing are not what you’d expect to see then let us know immediately by contacting us
so that one of the Dr Nitch team can investigate and help you fix it.

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