AA Dept Surveys

With our varied and international membership we recognize that not all we offer will appeal to everyone of our visitors and members.

So to help ensure we are producing and providing the content, research, products and tutorials our members need we established the Dr Nitch Survey Center.

This section of the site is where we run surveys with our members like you. Surveys we run cover subjects that our members have asked about in the past such as:

  • Topical niche marketing issues
  • Niche research and ideas
  • Site ratings
  • Suggested improvements
  • Future content
  • Article ratings
  • Tutorial requests
  • Coaching programs

PLUS anything else we can think of that will improve Dr Nitch.

So #session.firstname#, please take part in any live surveys that are running so that we can best meet the ongoing needs of our members. You’ll find any current surveys include ‘LIVE‘ in the headline while our archive of past surveys each carry the word ‘ARCHIVE‘ in the title. Other articles will feature the ‘RESULTS‘ of surveys we’ve run.

Member Surveys

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