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How to use Social Media in your niche marketing business


If the world of tweets, diggs, stumbles, posts, threads, tagging and walls leaves you confused welcome to the world of social media! Recent years have seen the rise of a series of popular social media sites such as MySpace, You Tube, Twitter, Facebook and Digg.

In essence these sites allow people to share thoughts, ideas, updates, images and favourite resources on either their day to day lives and interests or for a specific issue or problem such as Diabetes or the death of a pet.

Once dismissed as a passing fad by the traditional media you now really can’t afford to ignore social media and the customer tools they offer if your niche product business is to succeed. We’ve been using different social media tools for a number of years and this zone of Dr Nitch is dedicated to providing you with a quick start guide so that you can learn about the different types of social media and how they can benefit your niche product business.

Social Media

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