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How to make your niche marketing site search engine (SEO) friendly

Getting your niche marketing website to have a good ranking in the search engines is one of the most written about subjects in the online world. But did you know that a lot of what is published is old, recycled, unproven or simply made up?

So just what can you do to give your niche marketing sites the best chance of success without spending a fortune or working 24 hours a day on SEO?

Our articles, tutorials and ideas will share with you the information, research, tips and software we’ve discovered and used doing SEO for sites both large and small across very different markets.

We can’t promise you a number 1 position but we can make sure your site is more efficient and set up in the best possible way (without spending $$$$’s) for the search engines.

#session.firstname#, our SEO articles cover subjects such as: page design, copy structure, off page tools, on page structure, link building, bookmarking and personalized search. Plus how social media and video sharing are today’s white hot tools to boost your popularity with the search engines.

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