Dept Private Coaching

Private Coaching for Niche Business Owners/Developers


I often get approached to do Private Coaching but having done a lot of coaching and consulting in the past now find that in nearly all cases the answers can be found within the content of this membership site or through one of our tutorials or via a question on our discussion board.

Given how hard it is in the early days of a new business when most of your income is going out rather than coming in it’s usually better for you to work through the materials that are already provided as part of your Dr Nitch membership.

I’m also limited on time given the number of new projects we’re working on to add to the member services provided to Dr Nitch members.

So I don’t often offer private coaching nor do I have any ‘inner circle’, ‘platinum club’ or ‘ninja warrior level’.

However, if you do want to talk to me about Private One to One Coaching then please use the contact form below to start the ball rolling. You should be aware that I would have to charge $250 per 2 hour session.

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