Dept PLR Products

The Dr Nitch EZEPD© PLR Products series shows you how to take pre-built products created by others and transform them into unique products of your own quickly, cheaply and easily.

Rebuilding a pre-built product to your own needs is a smart and effective method of product creation and we have used it many, many times.

Why start with an idea and a blank canvas when you can get 80% of the way to having a product of your own by recycling legally something that has already been created.

Adapting a PLR product to the needs your own niche market can put you ahead of over 90% of other PLR product users by offering a product that is unique and carries your own stamp of authority and professionalism. By following a series of simple, small steps you can create your own product in just a few days with very little cost.

Private Label Rights (PLR)Products

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