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How to cancel your membership


Hi, Dr Nitch here and I’d like to talk to you about cancelling your Dr Nitch membership.

This might seem a bit weird but I wanted you to know and understand that I take keeping my customers happy very seriously indeed.

For that reason I want to make it abundantly clear and transparent that it is so very simple to cancel your membership to this site if you ever want to.

In the past I’ve been very angry with sites that are quick to sign me up but then make it almost impossible to quit without submitting numerous support tickets to do so. I once had to send a stack of emails just to get a $27 refund! (It was for the principle that I’d been stolen from – not the $27)


Cancelling your membership of Dr Nitch is quick and easy.

All you have to do is complete the form below and we will cancel your membership.

You’ll get an email confirming that your account has been cancelled and no further payments will be taken.

Please fill in your details below. Please give us your:
1. Name
2. Email Address
3. Membership LOGIN name

Hopefully you now understand that cancelling your membership is simple and easy.

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