Dept Generating Traffic

How to drive visitor traffic to your niche marketing business


So you’ve got a site and a product offer – but how do your promote it to gain customers or opt ins without spending a fortune on banner ads, Adwords or other paid tools?

What are the best strategies and techniques for you to use to drive traffic to your own particular niche products? The tips and techniques Dr Nitch and the team share in this zone will help you create a practical strategy for traffic creation.

We’ll share with you in this section how we get traffic from the tactics we use across our own test sites and we’ll give a heads up on both paid for and so called ‘free’ sources of traffic.

You’ll find not only articles on what to use but also tutorials on exactly how to set things up across subjects such as: directories, link creation, articles, public relations, interviews, audio & video submission, social media, bookmarking, hub pages, forum submissions and the use of blogs plus how to ensure you get the most out of sites such as Amazon, iTunes, eBay and You Tube.

Generating Traffic

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