Copy Writing – the niche approach to customer service

It’s hard enough getting customers or an active list of warm prospects so in
the long run it pays to do everything you can to keep your customers happy.

Here are five easy ways to improve your relationship and minimise customer losses at the same time.

1. Speak to me

Research has shown that it simply doesn’t pay to try and hide your contact
details and information on your web site. It also breeds the idea that you’ve
got something to hide or are embarrassed about your offer.

When you build your
site – make sure your name, your email address and phone contact options are
both easy to find and that they work. When you do include your email address either use a cloaking tool or display your address in a format that only a real human can understand to defeat the Spam bots.

Use something like Name AT gmail dot com for example.

2. Thanks – you’re welcome

Everyday life is full of rude, impolite, impatient and arrogant people – but
whatever gets thrown at you, you cannot be like the rest. Be polite, nice,
caring and friendly in your language using commonly forgotten words and phrases
such as:

  • I’m sorry
  • Excuse me
  • Thanks
  • Please
  • We hope
  • You’re welcome

And if you make a mistake or get something wrong – admit it, deal with it and
move on. Customers react very favourably to the response they get to a mess up –
if it’s fair and honest.

3. I’m impressed

Try and over deliver or deliver ahead of time. Or give a reward to someone
who has been a long standing customer or who has helped out others via a forum
post or something else they’ve done.

4. You might find this of use

Try and dig out free information, useful sites, demos or other material or
research you think would be of interest to your customers. Try not to always
send them an affiliate link sales offer but real concrete useful material that
costs them nothing.

If you build up a sense of trust you’ll find that when at
some point you do get a sales offer your customers will willingly respond

5. Welcome to our site

When you setup your site – do try and make it friendly, human and welcoming.
Leave the quirky extras to the amateurs and instead try and design your site to
be as easy to use and understand as one of the big boys.

If it works for Amazon and Ebay – there must be something to it.

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