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#SESSION.FIRSTNAME#, I’d like to invite you to submit the request form on this page for a review and critique of your Sales Copy by myself, ‘Dr Nitch’.

I’ve created books and sales copy for over 20 years for everything from sales brochures to books with sales running from a few hundred into billions of dollars.*

So I do have some experience of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to writing copy for potential or existing customers.

Once you’ve completed the form below your request for a Sales Copy Critique will come directly to me for my assessment and review. #SESSION.FIRSTNAME#, I’m really pleased to send you this personal invitation which is only offered to selected established members like yourself.

Although I don’t offer this service to the general public if I did then the cost would be a minimum of $499 given the time and effort I put into each Critique and Review.

Look forward to hearing from you 🙂

Dr Nitch

Please Note!

This Sales Copy review and critique is valid for an in depth look of your chosen completed sales copy which must be made available to me online on a web page or as a PDF. Due to problems with viruses in the past I can’t accept any other files unfortunately. You MUST complete all the details requested in the form below #SESSION.FIRSTNAME# for your review to be carried out.

Your Copy review can be for a web page, a sales letter, a poster or a brochure or even the introduction to ‘sell’ a book – it’s your choice. Anything up to four pages is fine. I’ll soon tell you if what you send through is too long!

Once you submit your completed form your request for a Copy review will be passed to me and I will look at it as soon as I can give it my full attention. I always try and carry out my review and provide feedback and my suggestions for any changes to the copy shared within 7 days depending on how busy my diary is. Based on the copy supplied in your request or the subject it covers I may need to get in touch with you to ask one or two questions so that I can give your review an accurate assessment.

Please Note: Any Copy submitted for my review may in the future be published by myself in any of my publications as an example or case study along with the review and any guidance or recommendations you’re provided with. So please don’t submit any materials that you are concerned about keeping confidential.

*Some of my work has been for investment sales letters, brochures and web sites of which one range grew to over $30 billion using materials I had personally written.

Copy Review & Critique Request Form

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IMPORTANT – If you’d like to send me a file of your copy to review as a PDF please WAIT until you receive a response from me requesting your file so that I can ensure it does not get lost amongst the hundreds of emails I receive every day.

Yes! – Please review my Copy using the information provided above. I understand that I will be supplied with in depth feedback and critique of my chosen sales copy described on this form. I’m also aware that this copy critique offer will expire if my membership of is cancelled. I understand that my request may be published in the future as an example or case study. None of the materials supplied should be considered as confidential.

#SESSION.FIRSTNAME#, if the form is not working for any reason (and you’ve filled in all the required fields) then let us know immediately by contacting us
so that one of the Dr Nitch team can investigate and fix it.

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