Choosing Your Niche – Can App Stores Help You Choose Your Niche?

The market for Smartphone, Tablet, Kindle or Nook device Books and Apps has grown from nowhere to become a large and major multi-billion dollar market.

All the multitude of devices that exist now offer unheard of functionality and tools for users to enjoy with new options being added at a fast changing pace as each new version is released.

As the Google Trends graph shows – interest in Apps is far outstripping the interest in something as huge as MS Office.

The products and apps on offer for these devices are excellent sources of niche ideas to use when you are looking to draw up a potential list of niche ideas. How to use these app stores to generate niche ideas is covered in the guide to finding niche ideas which you can find in the members download area.


However, all the tests we have run so far at Dr Nitch show that across the different devices and platforms and the huge range of Apps there are just too few products available at the moment within each individual niche market to give accurate input to the niche selection process so for now they should only be used to find niche ideas.


We have no doubt that in the future our Niche Choosing Tools will include reviews and guidelines on how many products, apps or books to look for to test the likely viability of a niche but basing your future business on a small sample of products in a niche as you would have to at the moment is way too risky when there are other more established sources to use.

However, should you wish to check out these excellent niche idea sources here are the links to get to each one:

The Kindle storeThe Amazon Kindle store.

Barnes & NobleBarnes & Noble Nook.

Google PlayGoogle Play.

Apple App StoreThe Apple App store.

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