Choosing Your Niche – Assessing Niche Markets With Ebay

For the niche marketer, eBay not only provides a great source of niche ideas but is also very useful in the niche analysis and decision process. You can use eBay to test out potential niche ideas by assessing how many listings of items for sale exist on any particular day.

We use this test all the time as over the long term our research has found that the volume of listings on eBay directly correlates with niche viability. The simple reason for this is that eBay sellers don’t list items that won’t sell nor do they list items in niches that have little interest from buyers.

For example, Raffiaware (69 listings), Lead Wheel Weights (62 listings), Bubble Gum Cards (502 listings) and Ty Beanie Boos (703 listings) are all examples of a variety of markets with low levels of listings that do not demonstrate good viability as niche markets.

When you’re using the eBay Niche Test please bear in mind that eBay won’t feature listings for every niche you might consider especially in the more lifestyle, business and health categories but it still supports thousands of other markets to consider.


Using the eBay Product Niche Check Test will let you see how many products are on offer in the niche and as a result get an indication on how popular each niche idea is. You’ll also get an indication of how competitive a market is based on the range and variety of products on offer.

As eBay sellers don’t list unpopular products that don’t sell very well the number of products on offer is a good niche indicator. So when you look at eBay results if the number of products on offer in your niche is low then the niche could well be one to avoid while if there is a high number then the niche should stay under consideration as a “possible”.

To assess your potential niche ideas using eBay is easy and can be done in a few simple steps.

eBay Product Niche Check Test

To get started testing your niche shortlist using the eBay Product Niche Check Test all you need to do is go to the tool using this link – eBay Product Niche Check Test.

To test your potential niche markets on eBay all you have to do is go to the eBay home page and enter your niche word or phrase into the search box. You will see that like Google and You Tube, eBay offers suggestions of related products and items you might also be interested in but for now just stick to your key niche phrase.

Once you’ve entered your niche phrase just click on the ‘Search’ button – there’s no need to change anything in the box labeled ‘All Categories’.


Once you’ve submitted your search Google will present you with all the listings that are live and current for the niche. This will include both Auctions and eBay Shop listings which is exactly what you want to see to answer the niche assessment key question:

‘How many listings are there for the niche?’

Once you’ve run the test you’ll see the listed results for your niche. You need to make a note of how many products on offer there are and add it to your analysis results for that particular niche.

Once you’ve recorded how many product results your niche gets go back and re-run the test for each of the other niche ideas on your shortlist.


Niche Analysis

When I ran the eBay test on a selection of sample niches the results were as follows:

Aromatherapy 28,304 Listings
Bass Fishing 85,706 Listings
Crochet 174,615 Listings
Golf Putting 3,660 Listings

Results Interpretation

Using our long run niche analysis benchmarks the results from our test niches using the eBay Product Niche Check Test led to these conclusions:

Based on the results from eBay’s Auctions and Store listings Crochet, Aromatherapy and Bass Fishing all look suitable niche markets to retain for our final short list.

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