Checking Your Niche With Wikis

Niche Selection Tools – Checking your niche with Wiki activity

Wikis are a great source of information and ideas on any niche with people setting up a wiki to share and discuss their thoughts, ideas and documents.

At Dr Nitch we’ve found over time that the number and range of wikis that show up in Google’s results has proved to be a good niche analysis indicator of customers interest in the niche under investigation.

To assess your niche ideas using Wiki availability all you have to do is go on Google and enter the following into the search box:

“Niche Phrase Wiki”

Where “Niche Phrase” is the niche idea you want to evaluate.

So for the test niche of aromatherapy you would go to Google using this link to run the Google Wiki Test. Then do a search for your niche word or phrase which for our sample test for the Aromatherapy niche would be as shown below:

“aromatherapy wiki”


You must use the speech marks otherwise in our example Google would give you results for all sites that include the words ‘aromatherapy’ OR ‘wiki’ which is not what you want!

Google will show how many Wikis are available for that particular niche. As you can see there were over 2,500 Wikis about Aromatherapy when we ran this sample test. This is a really good indicator of niche attractiveness as it takes time, interest and content to create and populate a wiki on a specific niche subject.

The number of wikis is a good niche indicator but you should also spend a few minutes having a look at the top wikis shown to see what sort of information is being shared and to assess if the sites could be useful to you in the future for your product development phase.

Look for popular conversations, common questions and problems and also any buzz words or phrases being used.


When we went on to test some of our sample niche markets on Google for Wikis these results emerged:

Review Niche Results


2,560 Wikis


12,300 Wikis


5 Wikis

 Dog Diets

0 Wikis

Niche Results Analysis

Using our long run niche analysis benchmarks the results for this test gave these signals about the suitability of each niche market tested:

Based on these results we would say that the niches of Dog Diets and Vegan Shoes are not very popular topics.

Bass Fishing and Aromatherapy are popular subjects with lots of people sharing information on wikis so based on these results ALONE would be our preferred niche choices.

BUT we don’t just use one test to decide on a niche as that’s HIGHLY DANGEROUS!! So please check out the other articles on our other preferred niche selection tools and see how your niche ideas stack up.

#SESSION.FIRSTNAME#, remember you can find other Articles on how to choose your niche in the members area.

Or you can access the latest edition of the Dr Nitch Niche Marketing Guide – “Choosing Your Niche – 7 Simple Checks To Your Success”. This guide shares the step by step process for selecting niche market ideas that the Dr Nitch Niche Marketing Center has identified.

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