Checking Your Niche Ideas Through Blogs

Blogs tend to focus on a specific hobby, business or belief based on the interests of the author. Because of this defined focus Blogs can give the niche researcher an array of information and insights into the interests and passions of people active in a niche.


You should look at the Google Blog specific search engine to see not only how many blogs are active in any niche market but also to browse through a selection of the top ranked sites and see the information and problems being shared. You can access the Google Blog Search Engine through this link – Google Blog Search Engine.

To check your potential niches using the Blog Search Selection Tool you need to get a good idea of how popular each niche idea you have is. In this particular niche check you are looking to see if other people are actively blogging and publishing information about the niche. If the number of blog search results you find is low then the niche may not be the one to take forward while if the number is high then the niche can stay on your “potentials” list.


To analyze Blogs in your niche shortlist just go to the main Google search box and then enter your niche word or phrase in speech marks into the main search box and see what results are returned as shown in the illustration above for our test niche example of Aromatherapy.


In our Aromatherapy example you can see that the Blog search showed up that there were over 5 million Blog search results on the niche subject when the test was run. This number should be saved for each niche you assess so that you can review the niches on your shortlist against each other when you’ve completed your analysis.

Review Niche Results

When we analyzed a selection of our potential niche markets using the Google Blog Search Niche Selection Test these results emerged:

 Aromatherapy    5,200,000 Blog Results 
 Crochet     2,400,000 Blog Results   
 Golf Putting  9,100 Blog Results   
 Scrapbooking     2,100,000 Blog Results   

Niche Results Analysis

Using our long run niche analysis benchmarks the results from our test niches using the Blog Search Niche Check led to these conclusions:

Based on the results it looks like Crochet, Scrapbooking and Aromatherapy are worthy of consideration with Crochet being the strongest.

Golf Putting has little support with very few blog posts about this all important aspect of the game of golf.

But remember – PLEASE DON’T RUSH OUT AND BASE YOUR NICHE SELECTIONS ON JUST ONE TEST. You should do several if not all of the tests we recommend to get the best results.

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