Checking Niche Ideas Using Amazon

Amazon is now one of the largest shopping malls on the planet offering a huge variety of physical and virtual products. For the niche marketer Amazon offers freely available research and analysis tools to help find and prove likely interest in virtually any niche market.

As some niches are dominated by people looking for information and others by people wanting actual products, when you are using Amazon you can check your niche based on a wealth of products from books, eBooks and magazines to physical products such as tools, ingredients, equipment or clothing. Few other niche analysis tools give you such a breadth of insight into the requirements of a niche.

Using the Amazon Niche Check Test will let you see how many products are on offer in the niche and as a result get an indication on how popular each niche idea is. You’ll also get an indication of how competitive a market is based on the range and variety of products on offer.

As Amazon won’t stock lots of unpopular products that don’t sell the number of products on offer is a good additional niche indicator. If the number of products on offer in your niche is low then the niche could well be one to avoid while if there is a high number then the niche should stay under consideration as a “possible”.

To assess your potential niche ideas using Amazon is quite straight forward and can be completed in a few simple steps.

Product Search on Amazon

To get started testing your niche shortlist using the Amazon Product Check Test all you need to do is go to the tool using this link – Amazon Product Check Test.

To see what products are offered across the niche you’re investigating all you have to do is go to Amazon’s main home page and do a simple search.

To do a product search first select ‘All Departments’ in the search options and then enter your niche word or phrase into the search box in speech marks.

This ensures that the results Amazon gives you are the most focused products from your niche of interest. So for the test niche of bass fishing you would need to enter:

“Bass Fishing”


Amazon will then show you all the products it holds for the niche so you can get a good idea of the range and popularity of the niche.

Once you’ve run the test you’ll see the product results for your niche. You need to make a note of how many products there are and add it to your analysis results for the niche.


Once you’ve recorded how many product results your niche gets go back and re-run the test for each of the other niche ideas on your shortlist.

Niche Analysis

Using the Amazon Product Test tool on our test niche ideas showed these results for us to consider:

Chocolate Chip Cookies 17,980 Products
Bass Fishing 1,406 Products
Crochet 22,701 Products
Scrapbooking 4,790 Products

Results Interpretation

Using our long run niche analysis benchmarks the results from our test niches using the Amazon Products Niche Check Test led to these conclusions:

Based on these results from the Amazon Test Chocolate Chip Cookies and Crochet look the best of our test niches to take forward although Scrapbooking has a good enough range of products to keep it in the running.

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