Check Seven – Analysing Your Results

The Niche Analyzer is a unique software tool available only to Dr Nitch members. This software tool has been developed based on our experience of researching across thousands of niche markets since 2004 and will take in all your niche test results and give you a clear indication about each niche’s viability.

We use The Niche Analyzer and the results produced extensively when we analyze new niches for the niche research we publish for our members at

Using the software in your own niche research will ensure that you have checked and analyzed your potential markets before you make any decisions based on gut instincts alone – a highly dangerous and often expensive approach!

It’s important that you follow the steps outlined so that your final niche choice gives you the best chance for a good start to your niche marketing endeavors. But don’t worry! Assessing the viability of your remaining potential niches is quite straightforward and doesn’t take very long when you use The Niche Analyzer tool.

So before you read the next section please make sure you have ready:

  • Your remaining short list of possible niche markets
  • Your facts and figures on each niche gathered during your analysis
  • A quiet space and time to undertake the exercise without interruptions
  • A notepad, pens, a drink and maybe something to eat

If you’re ready then let’s begin!

Niche Selection Tools

The first part of your final niche assessment and selection is to check all of your key niche numbers for the markets you’re still considering.

These numbers are the results you’ll have collected as you did the different niche selection tests described in this guide. These are the numbers and information you will need to enter into the Niche analyzer so it can give you some suggestions!

Final analysis

So now you should have the results of your niche analysis tests described throughout this book ready to use in the Niche Analyzer tool.

This tool is easy to use with a set of tutorials available to guide you through using the tool. When you’re ready to use the analyzer just head over to the members area here: Niche Analyzer.


#SESSION.FIRSTNAME#, remember you can find other Articles on how to choose your niche in the members area.

Or you can access the latest edition of the Dr Nitch Niche Marketing Guide – “Choosing Your Niche – 7 Simple Checks To Your Success”. This guide shares the step by step process for selecting niche market ideas that the Dr Nitch Niche Marketing Center has identified.

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