Branding Your Niche Business or Product – Part Two

How should you pick a Brand name for your niche Business or Product and will it give you the image you deserve? Follow our 10 step plan and you’ll have a name to bring your niche business and products to life that you can be proud of!

Here’s part 2 of our 10 key steps showing you how to create a name worthy of your business.

Step 6 – We’ve heard that before

So you’ve registered your domain name and business has really taken off but
then disaster! Someone else who uses that name files a lawsuit and all your
hard work and money are undone.

When you want to run with a name for your business it helps to look round the
search engines and see if anyone else is operating under that name. You can also
check by searching under “registered trademarks” to see if anyone has
registered a trademark for that name for your particular line of business.

If in doubt – move on to another name.

Step 7 – Domain defense

Of course you need to ensure you can actually register your chosen name as a
.com. Don’t be tempted to use the suggested starts and endings offered by domain
registrars and certainly try and avoid using a different extension to .com if you possibly can.

If you have the same name as someone else which one will your customers go to first? .com or another extension?

If you’ve ever watched Shark Tank or Dragons Den you’ll know that one of the key branding questions they always ask is – “Do you own the .com???”

When you’re ready to search for possible domain names make sure you have your
payment details ready and can register the name you find once you’ve done your
search right away.


Well like most of the things on the internet if you search and find a good
domain name someone out there will have software which monitors names searched on and may nip in and buy the name while you’re spending a week thinking about it. Many of the less scrupulous domain registrars also automatically register domains that have been searched for and then sell them for silly prices so be warned!

Step 8 – Avoid the courts

When you’ve got a name you like; that works across your business you
should think ahead to protecting your name.

Is it worth trademarking your name so no one else can assume your identity?
Or is this just an unnecessary cost?

Only you can answer this question but a lot will depend on your future plans for your business in terms of selling it on or how big you want it to grow.

This is another favorite Shark Tank or Dragons Den question – “Do you own the trademark?”

Step 9 – For today and tomorrow?

When you set up your business there’s so much to do and think about that the
idea of future plans can be the final straw. But if you’re serious about the
long term development of your business you really should think about the future
and the possibility of spin offs and business extensions.

You have to ask yourself – will your business name work in different areas or
is it closely linked to a particular product or service – and does it

This question is the fundamental problem with branding your business or website with your name. What if you ever want to do something else or sell the business? If you’re know for one niche or the business IS you it will be extremely difficult to make a sale or a substantial move into another market.

Step 10 – Stuck for a name? – Don’t be!

If you didn’t know already – at Dr Nitch we can’t help thinking up ideas and business names.

So if you’re looking for a name and are stuck on step ONE of
the steps described above – just post a message in the Members Forum and we’ll offer you some help.

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