Book Product – Using Niche Marketing

Here’s your exclusive download link to our primary guidebook on niche marketing that as a member you can use for your own business.

In your ‘Using Niche Marketing’ coaching guide you will be able to share with your customers or readers what ‘niches’ are and how to make the secrets of niche marketing work for their business.

You can use this very popular guidebook as a means to help build your expert or trusted advisor status by showing your customers how to set up their businesses from day one to focus on markets where they have the best possible chance of success.

Helping a customer to avoid making expensive mistakes by trying to compete in large, general and ultra competitive markets could be the difference between them making progress towards success or suffering a costly failure so this is an ideal guide to use to build your status.

What you CAN do with this free product:

– Offer it as a free download on your site

– Use it as a bonus gift to go alongside another product

– Share a link to it on your site in your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+

– Give it to your email subscribers as a Free gift

– Drive potential customers to Dr Nitch as part of an affiliate campaign you run

You also have full re-distribution rights which means you can give this guide away and those you give it to can give it away to their customers as well.

What you’re NOT allowed to do with this free product:

– Sell it for any price other than Free

– Change it in any way

– Convert it into other formats

– Steal it to create your own version*

To download the guidebook and start using it in your business just click on the link below.

Your Google Drive Guide Download Instructions

Step One – Right-Click on the “Right Click HERE to Download NOW!” button above

Step Two – Click on the “Save Link As…”

Step Three – Save the .PDF document to your computer. Please make a note of where you’ve saved it to – it’s normally best to put it in ‘My Documents’ to begin with I find 🙂 

Step Four – Open and view the PDF to start using Google Drive


– If the download isn’t working for any reason then please let us know immediately by contacting us
so that one of the Dr Nitch team can investigate and fix it for you.

Or, if you’ve got any questions then please send us a message on the

For details about the Dr Nitch Affiliate Program please visit our Affiliate Center area.

*Please be aware that across ALL our published products we operate highly sophisticated tracking tools so unless you change more than 90% of the wording in the contents we will find your stolen version and take legal proceedings against you.

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