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For those looking for a professionally designed logo, icon, web page or design it can be difficult to get the result required.

There’s finding and choosing a designer, making sure they design what you want and not what their creative brain suggests, getting the artwork in a format and size you can actually use and dealing with ownership and copyright issues. Then of course there’s the cost.

Since we first used 99Designs back in 2007 they have become our absolute favourite service for QUICKLY getting hold of professional logos, artwork and designs at amateur prices. If you need to get a piece of artwork produced you really can’t go wrong with this service.


Well 99Designs operates a form of reverse auction which means that instead of you posting a project and then getting your designer to send you the design he’s done you get proposed designs from ALL the designers who fancy doing your project for the fee you’ve offered. This can mean that with a decent brief you can get over 100 designs to choose from.

The image below gives you an idea of the variety of responses you get for your design project – and you only pay for the final version you select.


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Here are some of the logos we’ve obtained from 99Designs for our clients over the years we’ve been using them.


7th Heaven – Local Craft Shop




Dreaming Monkeys – Online Craft Business




Mischief Productions – Video Production Company




Castledown Radio – Local Radio Station




Sample Design Brief Text used on 99 Designs


Set out below for you is the exact exact text we used to get two of the logos shown above produced. You can use this as a swipe file to help you when you go to get your own brand and logo work produced.

Logo One

Brief Summary

Logo required for video production group called Mischief Productions

Logo to use a small monkey as the emblem with the style used by surveymonkey.com preferred by the end client.

This is a project for a new client so needs to be done quickly in time for the end of April.

Brand Name

Mischief Productions


Logo required in photoshop and jpeg formats for video production company – Mischief Productions

Logo to use a small monkey as an emblem with the style used by surveymonkey.com preferred.


Logo in editable photoshop layered file format

Logo produced in varying sizes in jpeg format for use on a website

Website Favourite icon file

Logo Two

Brief Overview

Castledown Radio provides a community radio service on 104.7 FM to a largely rural community in the Salisbury Plain area of the UK.

Castledown Radio is locally-based, locally-focused and run by local people.

The Castledown Radio proposition can be summed up in one core sentence as:

“Castledown Radio: Local People, Local News, Local Radio, World Class Music 24/7.”

The station is five years old and there is a need for a brand new logo that represents the station, its location, audience and services provided.

Brand Characteristics

The logo design needs to be in keeping with the brand characteristics of Castledown Radio:

– Warm

– Friendly

– Honest

– Open

– Professional

– Local

– Informative

– Welcoming

– Receptive

– Relaxed

Brand Name

Castledown Radio

Target Audience

The target audience of the station is all members of the community within the catchment area of the station both young and old alike.

The music played is both classic hits and modern chart music.


The logo for Castledown Radio needs to work into the future and above all must:

– Work when used across different promotional elements

– Be clearly recognisable from a distance

– Reflect the character of the organisation

Design Requirements – 3 Logo Versions

Logo version 1 with just an icon that represents the station and the station frequency – CR 104.7FM

Logo version 2 with the icon, station frequency and the full text – Castledown Radio 104.7FM

Logo version 3 with the icon and the full text – Castledown Radio Ltd

Supporting color scheme for the logo design with HTML and RGB references for use within print media and website design.

The winning design needs to be supplied in both color and black and white versions, in assorted sizes and in jpg, gif and layered psd formats.

Color Scheme

The color scheme for the logo is suggested as Dark Green, Golden Yellow and White.

However we leave it up to you as the designer to choose and specify a color scheme for the logo and supporting website. Designs which do not use the suggested color scheme will NOT be penalised.

This colour scheme needs to be fresh, vibrant and above all else a friendly colour combination.

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